Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why reservations at B-schools dont matter?

Reservations are wrong. Period. Enough has been said on the whys of it. I wont discuss that.

However, there's an element not discussed. And that is, reservations at B-schools or for that matter at engg colleges dont matter !

Say, u r a private recruiter...u come to IIM-A and have a number to recruit in mind. You are told that there are only a 100 odd candidates left. You, having heard all the hoopala abt reservations in B-schools are forewarned that many of these would be the SC/ST candidates who did not reach here on their own merit. U interview them. What do u find? That the candi9dates are actually sub-par. What do u do?

Of course, nobody is forcing you to recruit from IIM-A. U go to MDI or XLRI to get the candidates u require. Ur work is done. U get good candidates.

So what happens? The good candidates still get the jobs that they deserve. The recruiters get the candidates they wanted. The only losers in all this would be the SC/ST candidates who'll develop a complex seeing others get such good placements and they having to search for off-campus placements and govt owned companies...this because, its empirically proven that currently most SC/ST candidates are recruited by companies like SBI, ONGC, HPCL etc.etc....all PSUs, who already have to recruit the requisite no. of SC/ST candidates to satisfy their requirements of quota candidates but now will have to recruit more of them further lowering their competitiveness.

However, of course, the situation would completely change if the private companies too are forced to recruit a requisite no. of SC/ST candidates at all levels. It would affect their competitiveness and also disprove all I wrote above. However, with the growing clout of huge conglometrates like Reliance, Tatas, Birlas...I dont believe that'll ever happen. All that shout about reservations in private companies is just that...shout, to garner votes. The govt can easily change reservation requirements in govt owned bodies but never in privately owned cos.

And yes, who also gains? Colleges like XLRI and MDI who might not have hoped of getting those cos on campus earlier !

Disclaimer: May I reiterate that when I say SC/ST candidates, what I really mean is any candidate who got thru and who didnt deserve to be there.


Amitabh said...

Good one! But I am waiting to see the yield point of the so called uppers whose generations have been paying for the BIG INDIAN political cause of social justice, ever since this country gained independence. To me it has already felt like.. ALL YOUR BODY for an EYE! Hey politicians, I don't know how fair or unfair my forefathers were to the so called lowers. But at least I had a kind of upbringing and environment where I never felt others were not equal to me. The only sentiments were infused by the doings of politicains who have only one religion.... THE VOTE BANK, and one GOD... the CHAIR!

Anonymous said...

well i liked your diclamair...i being a guy wit reservation wud like to say wat you have said is right to certain extent..well there are many who dun make use of the opportunity provided to em...but m exception...i worked my way to my institute pretty much the way you did..i am a techie software guy...i had got state state rank 4 which gave me a seat in comps branch..n i feel those who cud not make their way to premier insti they jus give reason for their failure..dat there is reservation..i hope you are not among those people....

Nicks said...

U are not pretty aware with the social structure which is created years ago, still the roots of which still prevail around you.
Have u ever been to the remote areas of Maharastra, Madhya pradesh, orrisa etc.
The people living here even dont know the meaning of electricity.
have n,t seen a bulb in their whole life.
The reservations provide a lever the backwards to just stay in the competetion.
I am a graduate from one most premier enginering institutes of india. i belong to SC category. i got there by reservation. But u will be surprised that none of family members is even higher secondary.Few of them dont know the meaning of engineer.So how would dream to come such a institute?
u knw why because my parents were not allowed to attend school. they paid the cost of their caste.
Right now i m working in a MNC in sydney(not working in a govt firm)
I know reservations profit alot to people who dont need it, because we have to take the chance for the uplift of the deprived.

One of you is saying that govt is favouring reservation so as to gather more votes, My friend go through the consitution of india which is again framed another SC ( DR B R Ambedkar) depicts reservation issue.
No of the govt/party have the right to abolish SC/ST reservations till any drastic change in our society comes into picture.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Nick

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