Saturday, October 20, 2007

Legalize Female Foeticide...Rejoinder!

This is in continuation to my earlier blog by the same name.

And what happens to those unwanted girls (girls being born to parents who wanted boys)? If the family has ample resources,fine! They would probably all go on in life and get married themselves. However, what if the said family doesnt have those kind of resources. These girls would most probably end up in brothels and live lives worse than that of animals (I am presumin even animals have self-respect).

And to the average orthodox middle class family's unwanted girl, her life would be like that shown on TV ads asking ppl not to diferentiate between a girl child and a boy....on every step of her life, she would be made to feel unwanted! Think of a family having 6 daughters and the ever-horny parents going in for a 7th child...this time a boy! And then they stop...Wont the Girls no. 2-6 know that had the 2nd pregnancy resulted in a boy, thee wouldnt have been there at all!

I dont know if I can put my case any more strongly...if u have any differing arguments, plz let me know! However, if u r convinced...frm the next time whenever u see one of those self-proclaimed womens' lib fatso-es on TV, swear out aloud once...

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